Need for Stephen Minister

When is the time right to ask for a Stephen Minister? Is it only when facing death or lingering illness and loneliness? Of course, these are obvious life concerns which need to be shared.

But there are many other times of change when a confidential, caring listener can share your burdens. The following list is not inclusive, but suggests a wide variety of occasions where a Stephen Minister will be of help.

People who:

  • move in and out of our community
  • grieve a death or serious loss
  • are prisoners, ex-offenders and their families
  • experiencing birth or adoption
  • are sick or hospitalized
  • are terminally or chronically ill
  • care for someone else in difficulty
  • are lonely
  • are separated or are in the process of divorce (before, during, or after)
  • are single parents
  • have handicapped children or family members
  • have someone in a nursing home
  • have children leaving home for college, marriage, or work in another geographical area
  • are inactive in the church and are looking for a way back to the church
  • have suffered a significant financial setback or job loss 
  • are affected by a natural disaster
  • deal with unsettled family relationships
  • need a Christian friend
  • face life transitions
  • experience spiritual crisis