Deacon Responsibilities

The Deacons implement ministry programs to meet spiritual and physical needs within our congregation, as well as needs within the greater community.  We serve those with health or financial difficulties with visits to hospitals and retirement homes, delivery of food, flowers, and transportation.  We also select and sponsor church support for numerous community organizations.
Please feel free to contact us if you are in need or would like to help those in need.

Deacons 2018 Assignments

Deacon Ministries

                                                  Hospital Visitation Coordinator          Ragena White

                                                  Card Ministry                                     Judy Todd

                                                  First Aid Kits                                      Ragena White

                                                  Nursery Deacon                                 Lynnette Stark

                                                   Funeral Preparation                           Anne Ridings

                                                   Funeral Preparation Assistant           Cindy Leonard

                                                   Visitation/Flower Coordinator             Sally Hicks

                                                   Visitation/Flower Assistants               Esther Jacobson, Clay Haskins, Fran Ohlsen,

                                                                                                              Sherri Jones, Lynette Stark

                                                   Transportation Coordinator                Tommy Brendel

                                                    Secretary                                           Rosalind Bauer

                                                    Secretary Assistant                            Fran Ohlsen

                                                    Newborn Ministry                               Cindy Leonard

                                                    Food Preparation Coordinator           Judy Todd

                                                    Food Preparation Assistant               Cindy Leonard

                                                    Absentee Calling                                Sally Hicks

                                                    Absentee Calling Assistant                  Rosalind Bauer

                                                    Deacon Vice-Chair                              Anne Ridings

                                                    Deacon Chair                                      Tommy Brendel


Sessional Committee Liaisons


                                                              Stephen Ministry Liaison                              Sally Hicks

                                                              Creative Beginnings Liaison                         Judy Todd

                                                              Member Life/Discipleship                              Rosalind Bauer

                                                              Christian Education                                       Sherri Jones

                                                              Administrative Committee                             Clay Haskins

                                                               Local Missions                                              Sherri Jones

                                                               Personnel/Safe Church                                Clay Haskins, Sally Hicks

                                                              Worship (combined w/Funeral Prep.)            Anne Ridings

                                                               Nominating Committee                                 Ragena White

                                                               Cancer One-on-One Support                       Clay Haskins

                                                                Fix-it-Friends                                               Tommy Brendel

                                                                Care of Staff                                                Tommy Brendel