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The Kirkin’ ‘O the Tartans service will be held on Sunday, October 21st, 2018, at 10:55 AM in the Sanctuary.


Toss your apron and enjoy a meal out at Zaxby’s, located at 67 Highlands Square Dr, near the Super Wal-Mart, on October 15th from 5pm-8pm. We will have a special decorated box on the counter labeled “Hendersonville Presbyterian Church, Creative Beginnings Preschool”. For each receipt that is placed in the box, we will receive 10% of the total amount collected. This is for “dine-in” only. Come out and support our school, while enjoying a night off in the kitchen!


His next trial is on October 12. Consider using the prayer guide that Pastor Bill wrote for the EPC. You can access it with the helpful links at:, clicking on the Free Andrew Brunson link (bottom of page), and clicking on the 31-Day Prayer Initiative. Hard copies are also available as you exit.








JUly 25, 2019

Dear Church Family:


Wonderful news: Andrew Brunson was released today to house arrest. He is still detained to Turkey, but this is an incredible answer to prayer! Thank you for your prayers, and let us praise God for this positive step!!


Pastor Bill

PS: You can read more here:


July 24, 2019

Dear Church Family:


Thank you so much for sending me off and for praying for the trip to Turkey. With a delay on the return, I arrived back yesterday and now write to provide a brief summary. I will give a fuller report a week from Wednesday at the 6:30 PM Table Talk, on August 1st.


You are most likely aware that Andrew was not released. He did, however, boldly proclaim his faith in the Lord and forgiveness toward those who accuse him. Also, there were more positive testimonies in the courtroom than previously—the allowance of a witness speaking in Andrew’s defense was a first. The continuance date, October 12, may include the allowance of yet additional positive witnesses. If you wish to read more about the hearing, some possible articles can be found at the below links:


Our denominational statement:


Dozens of other groups gave reports, such as:


From a Turkish pastor I met during and after the trial who is involved with a satellite TV outreach there wrote this:



I then traveled for three days around Turkey with a bold Turkish believer, the first to change his identify from Muslim to Christian on his identity card. He has been behind bars as have nearly all pastors and church leaders there. The issue at hand is thus much more than Andrew’s plight, but the continuing tightening of control by the government. Pray for a reversal of this trend!


As we traveled, we especially prayed over the spiritual roots of the land. It was a very powerful time, and I believe I have gained much insight related to God’s work there and here. Such insight will be poured into my preaching and teaching at times, into reports given to our denomination, and perhaps in other arenas. I believe there are ways we can more deeply bless the work of God in Turkey, and that the believers there and their testimonies can help us to live more faithfully for the Lord today.


Again, thank you for your prayers. I went with great confidence, knowing you “had me covered,” and that the Lord would have his way!


Pastor Bill

PS: The flight back was dramatic for me, in that a young Russian lady who sat next to me, engaged deeply in spiritual conversation for several hours, and as God moved, she gave her life to the Lord. It has been a while since I’ve seen someone so moved by the Lord to repentance and salvation. She began the trip a self-declared agnostic and ended it entrusting her life to Jesus with great rejoicing. She has a PhD in linguistics and may influence many. Please pray for her to become a strong disciple. Her name is Daria.