A Visit with Pastor Bill Campbell

Dear Friend,

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you also find the opportunity to visit us on a Sunday morning or Wednesday night if you’ve not done so already.
When I came to Hendersonville Presbyterian Church in 2001, I was impressed by the warmth and kindness of the people. I trust you will have a similar experience. Those who come through our visitor orientation process nearly always comment on how warmly they have been received by the church even from the time of their first visit.
Our motto, “Blessed to be a Blessing,” is reflected not only by the way the church members receive those who visit, but also by the way they reach out to people in need. As you will notice in the pages of this website, we are actively engaged in helping the poor in body and spirit, both in town and around the world. The missions program of this congregation is dynamic. We have a personal connection with the missionaries we support.
We are committed to the values, guidelines, and promises in God’s Word. Due to the confusion, moral relativism, and spiritual lethargy that have permeated our country, the need for biblical preaching, sound teaching, focused discipleship, and confidence in the salvation that only Christ can give is paramount. Following the example of Christ, we seek to be a people who proclaim the truth in love. Our congregation has long striven to challenge this cultural drift in a positive and loving manner, and we finally voted in the summer of 2013 to re-affiliate from the PC(USA) to the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC). We were received into the EPC in July, 2017.
Our commitment to knowing and following the teachings of Scripture is evident in our small group and discipleship ministries. Our congregation has been active in and supportive of my development of the ministry Scripture Awakening (ScriptureAwakening.com), and we have been blessed by the free use of BNext Bible Study guides for the past fifteen years. Thus our Sunday morning sermons are supported by specially designed study guides (or bulletin inserts in the summer months) to help you bring the sermon home for personal or small group study. We also engage in SA's Bible in 90 Days program on a regular basis. Scripture Awakening is now impacting the world as one of the ways God is helping us to fulfill our prayer and motto, “Blessed to be a Blessing.” 
Hendersonville is largely a retirement community. Still, we have solid growing programs for families, youth, and children. Our congregation is engaged in the long-term intentional process of strengthening those programs. We are grateful for the people of all ages that God brings to us, for the wisdom of the elderly and the energy of the youth, for the mixing of the generations that brings health and vitality to the family of faith, whether formally or through intergenerational events.
Please feel free to email or call me or one of the staff members of our church if you have any questions.
Every Blessing in Christ,
Pastor Bill Campbell