Our Mission Statement

We are blessed to be a blessing. . .
We have been blessed with
the Father's love,
the Son's salvation,
and the Spirit's presence;
thus we seek to be a blessing
by sharing the Father's love, telling
  the Good News of Christ's salvation, 
and serving others in the power of the Spirit.


Our Vision Statement


We are a caring family, blessed by the love of God,

redeemed by the grace of Jesus Christ,

and empowered by the Holy Spirit.


We are called to share the free gift of salvation

to all peoples and all generations,

to the glory of God.


In Biblical faithfulness,

 we use God’s gifts

in worship, preaching, teaching, service, and outreach.


With God’s help,

we humbly and joyously live what we believe—

We are “Blessed to Be a Blessing.