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Hand Chimes

Hand chimes are built around the concept of the tuning fork. They have a quiet, resonating sound. Since they are much more sturdy than handbells, they are frequently used in schools for musical training. In recent years, choirs composed of hand chimes have emerged as another way of worshiping through music. Hendersonville Presbyterian has a set of five octaves. Anyone who wants to learn the techniques of chime playing and the joy of playing in an ensemble is welcome. 

Handchime Choir is directed by Karen Grady: Brenda Bradshaw, Maureen DiRenzo, Carol Eder, Gayle Emery, Eva House, Richard House, Bill Jones, Fran Ohlsen, Barbara Norris, Carol Shaffer, Tabi Stephens.

Handchime Choir meets at 3:00 Wednesday afternoon. Schedules alternate rehearsals quarterly.