Worship Presentation

This group of technicians is a vital part of our worship and music ministry.  These are people who serve "behind the scenes" by running our sound system, media presentations, staging (lights & set up), and produce during regular Sunday services and special events.  We seek to honor time and commitments by setting up a rotation of service within a team of people who serve on a regular schedule.  This area of service requires that each technician be a part of rehearsals prior to the event they are scheduled to serve.  Sometimes this means extra time and commitments depending on the type of event they are preparing for.  
This team of people are really not as "behind the scenes" as it may seem, they are as much a part of worship leadership as the musicians and speakers up front, as they lead the congregation via sound and presentation.  We are a church that seeks to encourage those who are interested in developing this area of giftedness and those who are looking for a place to share their talents.  This is a great place for a young person who loves working with computers and media presentations to plug in.  Training is offered several times a year and on an as needed basis.