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Chancel Choir

Around twenty-five singers make a joyful noise to the Lord in the Chancel Choir. A good balance of sopranos, altos, tenors, and basses, several of whom are past music directors or hold music degrees, provide an eclectic repertoire. Led by Gayle Stepp, organist and choir director, music from Baroque, through Romantic and to contemporary composers challenge the ensemble and provide worshipful expression for the congregation.

The choir is entirely voluntary. All persons from High School age to Seniors who love to sing are urged to participate.

Brenda Bradshaw, Carol Broyles, Jack Dublynn, Gayle Emery, Cathey Gilbert, Kathy Gagnon, Karen Grady, Roy Hathaway, Brenda Holmer, Don Holmer, Patricia Johnson, Bill Jones, Sherri Jones, Gordon Krauss, Teresa Lyel, Caryl Mobley, Larry Mobley, Barbara Norris, Grant Sitler, Susan Sitler, Bette Lee Taylor, Sherry Thompson.

Rehearsal time is 4:00 Wednesday afternoon.