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You Are All Your Children Need

January 12, 2024
By Stacy McClelland

Do you often feel inadequate, or that you are up against a vast number of challenges as you navigate today's culture? Do you feel discouraged when listening to all the difficulties that your children are facing? 


Rest assured, you are exactly the parent your child needs for the here and now.  Take heart, and allow me to share five things that are true about you right now, despite what your circumstances or mind may be telling you:

1. You are the parent your child needs.

Hear this: You, my friend, are a good parent; even on your worst days (and boy have I had my share of them). You are a good parent, or guardian, because you are present—you care enough to be here and you want to be the best parent to your child. That, in and of itself, speaks volumes.  


In our family, it is an intentional aspiration that a parent is present in the afternoon when our child arrives home from school.  The foundation of simply providing presence provides security, comfort, and boosts self-confidence for your child. While this may not be feasible in your home, the opportunity to at least check in via phone call or text is a great way to let your child know that you are thinking of them and sharing how much you care for them. 


2. You are learning, too.

One way we’re able to show our kids grace is by reminding ourselves our children are still learning. As they are learning, an intentional focus on how missteps are meant to happen, allows us, the parent or guardian, to learn to be patient through the process. 


In parenting, we are equally learning and growing all the time. So, why don’t we start viewing our mistakes as the first step to growing into the parent we’re meant to be? And, that understanding and tenderness we show our kids when they mess up? 


Give yourself some of that, too.  Grace upon grace.


3. You need all the same things your kid needs.

We might pull out all the tricks in the book to get our kids to eat their vegetables, but more often than not, we give ourselves lackluster effort and scraps. 


Starting today, why don't we start giving ourselves everything we want for our children, such as balanced meals, a full night’s rest, safety, love, and time to socialize? We cannot give our kids our best if we’re not okay. We need to fill our own emotional and spiritual bucket, just as their individual buckets need to be filled. Not sure what I am referencing?  Check out: How Full Is Your Bucket? by Tom Rath


4. Your best is good enough.

Some days, you will have 100 percent to give and feel as if you have super-human powers to confidently address every area of concern. Yet, there are other days when you will have way less. 


But both are your best when you give what you have. Remind and encourage yourself daily that what you have to give is just the right amount. Likewise, lean into Christ and depend on His fulfilling and sustaining Spirit to uphold and provide, especially in those moments when you simply feel unable to do so yourself.


5. Your support system is not optional.

Parenting was never meant to be done alone. As humans, we were not created to exist on an island.  We were designed for relationship. 


Asking for help when we need it is one of the best ways we can show love to ourselves. So, whether you’re blessed to have a built-in support system from the beginning, or whether you have to work to build a solid foundation of community, make support your priority to maintain and build. 


Simply put: Parents need people.


Raising the next generation to be loving humans is one of the hardest jobs. Our thoughts have the power to shape how we approach our role as parents, so let’s make sure our words to ourselves are loud, positive, and true. Immerse yourself in God's Word, speak His Truth over your life, and share His love and truth with those sweet little ones you are raising.  


Adapted from Take A Deep Breath: 5 Things that are true today by Stephanie Thomas, Parent cue

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