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The Deacons implement ministry programs to meet spiritual and physical needs within our congregation, as well as needs within the greater community.  We serve those with health or financial difficulties with visits to hospitals and retirement homes, delivery of food, flowers, and transportation.  We also select and sponsor church support for numerous community organizations.
Please feel free to contact us if you are in need or would like to help those in need.  The Elders are also listed below. 

Elder Responsibilities for 2021

Administration—Clay Haskins (Chair) (E)

Finance—Larry Mobley, Treasurer,    Mimi Jamieson (E)

Discipleship (Christian Education)—John Van Wagoner (Chair) (E),      Deanna Crawford (E)

Outreach: Local—Louis Haynes (Chair) (E);    Missionary Care—Brenda Bradshaw (Chair) (E);  
                               Operation Christmas Children—Dale Stephens (Chair)

Member Life—Marge Hever (Chair) (E),    Sara Emel (E)

Worship—Carol Broyles (Chair) (E),    Robert Burns (King Street) ( E),    Andy Morris (E)

Personnel—Eloise Murray (Chair) (E),    Clay Haskins (E)

Coordinating Committee:
     Clerk—Mimi Jamieson;     
     Assistant Clerk-- Eloise Murray;     
     Administration—Clay Haskins;   
     Pastor—Rob McClelland

Board of Deacons

Class of 2023

Carolyn Baker                                                    Christian Education; Vice Secretary; Flower delivery assistant
Mark McGrath                                                     Administration; First Aid Kits
Priscilla Rouse                                                   Member Life; Food Preparation assistant; Absentee Calling

Class of 2022

Sherri Jones                                                       Chair, Local Missions, Flower Delivery Coordinator
Betty Muller                                                        Personnel; Food Preparation Coordinator; flower delivery asst.  
Jan Stewart                                                        Personnel; Newborn ministry; Card ministry
Bob Thrower                                                      Secretary; Flower delivery assistant; Card Ministry

Class of 2021

Judy Van Wagoner                                           Vice Chair; Stephen Ministry Liaison; Flower Delivery assistant; Hospital Visitation Coordinator
Priscilla Haynes                                                Christian Education; Creative Beginnings Liaison; nursery liaison
Roy Hathaway                                                   Worship; Funeral Preparation, Fix-it Friends Coordinator
Harold Gilbert                                                    Transportation Coordinator

Deacons 2021 Assignments

Deacon Ministries

Hospital Visitation Coordinator          Judy Van Wagoner     

Card Ministry                                         Jan Stewart, Bob Thrower*

First Aid Kits                                        Mark McGrath

Nursery                                                 Priscilla Haynes

Funeral Preparation                            Roy Hathaway

Funeral Preparation Assistant            

Visitation/Flower Coordinator            Sherri Jones

Visitation/Flower Assistants               Betty Muller, Judy Van Wagoner, Carolyn Baker, Bob Thrower, Sherri Jones, Harold Gilbert

Secretary                                              Bob Thrower

Vice Secretary                                     Carolyn Baker

Newborn Ministry                               Jan Stewart    

Food Preparation Coordinator           Betty Muller   

Food Preparation Assistant                 Priscilla Rouse

Absentee Calling                                 Priscilla Rouse

Deacon Vice-Chair                              Judy Van Wagoner

Deacon Chair                                        Sherri Jones

*Bob Thrower will serve as coordinator of the Card Ministry


Sessional Committee Liaisons

Stephen Ministry Liaison                                Judy Van Wagoner

Creative Beginnings Liaison                            Priscilla Haynes

Member Life/Discipleship                              Priscilla Rouse

Christian Education                                         Carolyn Baker, Priscilla Haynes

Administration Committee                             Mark McGrath

Local Missions                                                 Sherri Jones

Personnel/Safe Church                                   Jan Stewart, Betty Muller

Worship (combined w/Funeral Prep)            Roy Hathaway

Nominating Committee                                  Jan Stewart

Fix-it-Friends                                                   Roy Hathaway